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I've lost my mind. If you find it, please give it back.

It's purple with yellow dots, and inhabited by various bishounen ^^.

5 December 1983
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Hello ^^

I'm a Belgian girl, at the moment 23 years old. Ehm... I don't really have that much to tell about myself. I think. Well, I do, but it are very very shameful things =_=;;. But okay, here goes.

I may appear normal at first sight. People who know me, will tell you differently. Sometimes I try to write a bit in English, try being the keyword here. I stopped art classes. It was too hard. So now I'm looking for a job. I'm not really finding anything though. Hope I'll find something soon, so I can earn money and buy cool clothes and other stuff.

Okay, now for the shameful stuff. I like two boys getting it on, in anime and manga, as well as in real life, from pre teen to adult. Apart from that, no further deviations. They are the subject of my drawings and fics, in quite compromising and provocative situations sometimes. *sheepish grin* Okay, most of the time.

Oh yeah. And I suffer from arachnaphobia. *shudders*

Kay, nuff ramblings. Gonna search a bit more for my brain now. *peers around* It's gotta be here somewhere.

titel of beschrijving


Shota is Love

Riff is "I'll follow you all the way to Hell" Love

Satoshi is angsty, too-sexy-for-his-glasses love.

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